Termite Exterminators in Oregon

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Termite Exterminators in Oregon

A Better Pest Solution is a team of Termite Exterminators in Oregon who are conscientious of the environment and the people who live in it. After all, you are our neighbors! While our goal as termite exterminators is to remove those pests from your property, we practice eco-friendly, regulation-compliant and safe removal, especially in your living spaces.  We want you to feel confident and in control of the termite removal process from the first call to our final visit.  A Better Pest Solution is proud to serve Oregon.  We take pride knowing our customers and neighbors are protected from termites.

Termites are an expensive pest, especially if left untreated.  There are two types of termites, dry wood and subterranean.  They may resemble flying ants if you have not seen them before.  Signs of termite damage are damage to wood in your home or commercial property.  Wood may give way if prodded by a screwdriver or knife as it will be hollow from termite damage.  You may see piles of wood grains near damaged wood which is termite feces.  Laminate flooring that is sagging unexpectedly may be atop termite damage. Your windows or doors may stick which could also indicate termites have moved into the door or window frames causing them to be misshapen.  Unfortunately, termites can be hard to identify unless you are a certified professional. At A Better Pest Solution, we are the best Termite Exterminators in Oregon

Signs you may need Termite Exterminators in Oregon

Wood is not the only desired meal for termites. Termites are capable of causing damage to insulation, frames, plaster, and baseboards even if your home is not predominantly made of wood.  Since it may be difficult to identify the insects themselves, the damage may be your first clue to call A Better Pest Solution Termite Exterminators in Oregon. A routine inspection every 2-3 years will help ward off hidden invaders – termites.  

If you are confident of an existing termite problem or would like a thorough inspection to determine if termite removal services are necessary, we are confident we can help!  A Better Pest Solution is the solution to pest problems in the Oregon area, especially termites. Our Termite Exterminators in Oregon are reliable and licensed.

Before termites are removed from your home or business, we will review and discuss the plan of treatment so our customers are aware and on-board with removal plans.  Termite removal in Oregon and surrounding communities, can typically be completed in one day depending on the size and type of structure being treated.  We will let you know before we begin so you can plan to return to your routine without the worry of termites!

Termite infestations on your property could be treated with a baiting system which will deter termites from returning to treated property. The system includes a slow-acting termite extermination solution which will release at the presence of termites. 

Perhaps you have attempted do-it-yourself termite removal on your property.  As certified professionals, we are happy to offer you advice and inspection of the success rate of your work.  We do not want to trap you in an expensive, long-term contract. We want to you to have peace of mind knowing you safely use solutions or have eliminated and prevented the issue successfully!  Keep in mind, it is recommended to have a professional like A Better Pest Solution check for damage every 2-3 years.  

Other Hints on how Termite Exterminators in Oregon can help you:

  • schedule A Better Pest Solution ever 2-3 years to inspect for damage,
  • maintain dry, properly-running plumbing since moisture is an ideal environment for termites,
  • fill cracks or joints in your foundation, footings, tiles or concrete that may be allowing moisture into your structure. Termites can tunnel through the ground. 
  • Maintain a dry, properly-working roof that is free of leaks or moisture collection, 
  • avoid moisture anywhere in your home or commercial structure and
  • maintain an 18” gap between wood on your home or structure and the ground.  Wood in contact with the soil and structure or  structures built near water are ideal targets of termites. 

While your homeowner’s insurance covers several instances of damage to your home, it typically does not cover termite damage.  If termite damage causes extensive structural damage to your structure resulting in a collapse, insurance may assist. With A Better Pest Solution, we work together to avoid any of these nightmarish scenarios with a routine inspection or free estimate!  If the unthinkable has happened on your property, we will take necessary measures to prevent anything similar from recurring. 

If you are purchasing a home or property, a termite inspection may be required. A Better Pest Solution will help you identify areas needing treatment and will offer removal for the property owner or the property buyer.  For private transactions that do not require a termite inspection, provide or ask to be provided with the most recent termite inspection.  If an inspection has been completed, ask for the contact information of the pest control business to receive an explanation of their findings or call A Better Pest Solution for a second opinion! The inspection fee is a small investment compared to the cost of damage if left unattended in your home or commercial structure.  Termites in Oregon, out of the 50 United States, are at lower incidence rate due to climate but depending on moisture levels and other factors, a home or commercial structure is still highly susceptible without a prevention maintenance plan.

Still not convinced?  While termites can and will be successfully removed by A Better Pest Solution, termites are constantly seeking food sources.  Termites are easily disturbed causing them to seek a new habitat.  There is no one-time solution.  It is estimated one in five homes are attacked by certain breeds of termites.  If your home has not shown visible signs of termite damage, you may be harboring reproductive termites within your structure or nearby making you susceptible to potential damage.  Our termite exterminators are certified and A Better Pest Solution is licensed and insured.  

A Better Pest Solution is committed to helping you every step of the termite removal process.  Successful removal and prevention in home or commercial structures gives us a sense of accomplishment.  Ask anyone who has utilized our services!  While it may not be an ideal expenditure, do not wait.  The longer you wait, the more damage could be taking place.  Let us get rid of termites for you!  Call A Better Pest Solution to be your Termite Exterminators in Oregon!

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Termite Exterminators in Oregon
Termite Exterminators in Oregon
Termite Exterminators in Oregon
Termite Exterminators in Oregon




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