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 Rodent Removal in Oregon

A Better Pest Solution is a team of expert Rat removal, Mice Removal, and Rodent Removal in Oregon.  We use methods that are conscientious of the environment and of you, our neighbors.  All of our pest removal practices are Eco-friendly, regulation-compliant, and safe for you and the environment, because we value you!  Here at A Better Pest Solution located in Oregon, we value you and your home.  We know that the home is a place to rest and recharge.  Your home is the place you feel the most comfortable, and you try hard to make it feel that way for everyone who comes through your door.  Unfortunately, just like you enjoy feeling cozy and at peace, so do those pesky rodents. Even though you did not welcome them in, they have no problem making themselves feel right at home.  The case may be that your home, your place of tranquility, is not just your home– it could be home to unseen rodents.  Mice and rats thrive in areas with wood, plastic, and most of all: food.  A Better Pest Solution knows that you value cleanliness and tranquility, so when you see signs of a rat or mice infestation, or even if you aren’t sure but feel an inspection is in order, don’t hesitate to turn to us for your Rodent Removal in Oregon.

Mice, rat, and pest removal can be tricky, since one of the toughest aspects of mice or rat removal can simply be knowing that you have an infestation in your home!  Rats and mice are secretive pests and they like to hide from humans.  While you may not think that you have an infestation at first glance, there are many signs of mice and rat infestation that can help you identify the presence of these pests in your home.  Have you ever seen odd markings on the walls and floorboards?  Do your fresh, new groceries seem to disappear a little too quickly?  You may have a rat or mice infestation!  Learn the signs of rodent infestation, and know who you can call for expert Rodent Removal in Oregon.

Here are a few tips on when you might need Rodent Removal in Oregon:

  • Keep an eye out for droppings: Rats can leave up to 40 droppings per day behind walls, appliances, etc.
  • Look for markings on the walls and floorboards, and damage to materials in and around your home.  Mice and rats tend to stick to the edges, due to limited visibility, so they rely on walls or floorboards to keep track of where they are.  These are good spots to look for signs of mice and rats scratching at the walls and floorboards in your home.

If you see these (or any other) signs of an infestation, it is extremely important to ensure the correct rodent removal methods and thorough removal of rats and mice.

You may ask, “How did I even get rats?” To that question there is no single concrete answer, but we do know a few things about pests, here at A Better Pest Solution.  The majority of rats and mice are actually born in your home.  Somewhere along the line an ancient ancestor got into your house and decided it was such a nice home, he’d better stake a claim.  How the rat or mice got into your home in the first place is most frequently due to a poorly sealed entry point.  They can use dozens of possible entry points into the house, from unscreened vents on the roof, gaps at the eaves and roof edges, and areas at ground level, such as open A/C vents or gaps under the siding or in the outer walls.  Generally, if a rodent enters at ground level, they make their way up into the attic or ceiling.  Once a rat or mouse is in the walls, attic, or ceiling, it then proceeds to find a weaker part of the wall to chew through.  From there, the rodent can then enter your home and, usually, the kitchen where it knows it can gain steady access to food each day.  A Better Pest Solution is well-trained in proper sealing methods, as well as recognizing poorly-sealed entry points.  During an inspection, we are able to look for these entry ways that may be the perfect welcome-sign for a rat.  Once found, we seal up all possible entries to ensure a pest-free home for you and your family.

At A Better Pest Solution, rat removal is one of our specialties.  Rat removal requires knowledge of the best method to ensure total pest removal.  Rats and mice can often be wary of new objects in or around their nest, and this can create a problem when setting traps.  A Better Pest Solution is committed to remaining current in the best techniques to ensure quality pest removal solutions to keep your home feeling safe, secure, and pest-free.  So, the minute you think those pesky rodents may be invading on your tranquil, Oregon home– be sure to call us and set up an inspection for pest removal!

We are committed to giving our customers and their homes the best care in Rodent Removal in Oregon.  We know that all homes are different, so we work with you to provide the ideal pest removal solution to meet your needs.  We are always happy to perform an initial inspection to confirm the presence of rats or mice before you commit to utilizing our top-notch removal solutions or if you are confident of the presence of pests on your property, give us a call to set up an inspection!  Before pests are removed from your home, we will perform an initial inspection to survey the pest problem, we will then review and discuss the plan of treatment and pest removal solution that is best for you and for your home.  We value your input and opinion, and will never proceed with a removal plan without your complete approval.  Some of our most common removal techniques include bait traps, snap traps, sealing of entry points, and sensitization/ deodorization of infested area.  Each step of the way, A Better Pest Solution is eager to meet your needs.  We keep you informed of each and every technique we use, to ensure that our methods comply with your individual needs and beliefs.

No matter your pest removal need, find A Better Pest Solution in Oregon!


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Rodent Removal in Oregon
Rodent Removal in Oregon
Rodent Removal in Oregon
Rodent Removal in Oregon




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