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Pest Control in Oregon

Picture this. It’s approaching dinner time and you are in your kitchen after a hard day’s work.  You’ve just pulled all of the fixings for a perfect meal out of the refrigerator and set them on the counter.  You duck back into the refrigerator for one last ingredient.  Your back is turned for not more than a few seconds and you are ready to begin cooking a heavenly meal to top off a beautiful day.  Now you turn around and there, leading straight to your pile of fresh ingredients, is a trail of ants!  This is not the picture you wanted to see, is it? Well, A Better Pest Solution, is your Pest Control in Oregon Specialist. Our Ant Prevention and Pest Control techniques are specially designed and executed to keep those pests out of your home.

A Better Pest Solution is a team of expert Ant Prevention and we are your experts in Pest Control in Oregon.  We use methods that are conscientious of the environment and of you, our neighbors.  All of our pest removal practices are Eco-friendly, regulation-compliant, and safe for you and the environment, because we value you!  Here at A Better Pest Solution located in Oregon, we value you and your home.

Ants are an especially pesky pest.  You may have one, seemingly harmless, ant on your counter when you go to bed at night, then you wake up the next morning and your counter is simply covered with them!  This is due to the fact that ants lay down a special pheromone trail behind them when they discover a food source.  Ants do this as a way to lead the other ants from the nest to the food source– in other words, news travels fast when an ant finds a food source!  Due to the tiny stature of ants, they can almost always find an entry point and once they are in, ants will eat anything they can find.  Ants primarily are attracted to sweet things; ants love sugar!  In the end, though, ants are an omnivorous insect, which means that they can and will eat any type of edible substance that they can get their hands on, and just like us, they need water to survive.

Due to the persistent nature of ants, it is easy to get an infestation, and can be a difficult process to completely remove them.  We recommend that you engage in certain Ant Prevention practices to maintain a clean, ant-free home!  Ants are primarily attracted to sugar and all things sweet.  To prevent an ant infestation, keep your kitchen counters wiped down.  Foods like salad dressings, desserts, and bread or crackers are big attractions for ants.  Once an ant realizes that it has a source of food, it will continue to roam the area.  It then will take some of the food back to its nest, and let the others know by leaving a pheromone trail to the food.  Ant prevention practices as simple as wiping the counter frequently are key to keeping ants out of your home.

We know that even the best prevention practices sometimes are not enough to keep ants from finding their way into your home.  That is why A Better Pest Solution has some of the best quality techniques in Pest Control in Oregon.  We are ready to meet your Ant Removal needs, no matter how big or small the infestation, with our specialized ant removal methods.  When you call us for Ant Removal, we will not only remove the ants, but equip your home with Ant Prevention by spraying insecticides, setting bait traps around the exterior of your home, treating baseboards and behind electrical wall plates where needed, as well as spraying the foundation of your home with ant-specific removal products.

Pest Control in Oregon Services look like?

  • Web Dust 1st Floor Eaves for spider webs.
  • Dust sub area with boud.
  • Spray around doors and windows with insecticide product.
  • Spray foundation with products designed specifically for ants and general pests that we are targeting.
  • Granular bait around exterior of home.
  • Treat behind electrical wall plates where needed.
  • Treat baseboards inside as requested.

Did someone mention insects? Well ants aren’t the only pests that tend to invade our homes. Many other pests, such as spiders and other bugs, find comfort in the warmth of our homes.  Do you have spider webs around the outside of your house?  Do you find yourself running for a paper towel more often than you would like?  Do you feel like bugs have invaded your home?  If these spiders and other pests are welcomed guests in your house, don’t worry!  We remove all types of general pests!  Pest control is our specialty at A Better Pest Solution in Oregon!  A Better Pest Solution is equipped with the know-how and tools to remove any insect you may find making itself at home under your roof.  As always, we want to remove pests in the way that best suits your pest removal needs.  So, whether a spider has made its home in the corner of ceiling or bedbugs decided your bed is just right for them; whether ants have made your kitchen counter their stomping ground or you find roaches on your bookshelves, A Better Pest Solution is here to help with your Pest Control in Oregon.

We provide services that are specific to each type of insect, and use the right pest removal method for each situation. For spiders, we can dust the first floor and eaves for webs, and for other pests, we examine on a case-by-case basis to ensure that we are using the right pest control solution for your home’s pest removal needs.  We are committed to giving our customers and their homes the best care in Pest Control in Oregon.  We know that each home and each infestation can be drastically different, so we are always happy to perform an initial inspection to confirm the severity and presence of ants, spiders, or other pests before you commit to utilizing our top-notch removal solutions.  Before ant removal or pest removal methods are performed, we will do an initial inspection to survey the pest problem, we will then review and discuss the plan of treatment and pest removal solution that is best for you and for your home.  We value your input and opinion, and will never proceed with a removal plan without your complete approval.  Each step of the way, from inspection to removal, A Better Pest Solution is here to meet your needs.

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Pest Control in Oregon
Pest Control in Oregon
Pest Control in Oregon
Pest Control in Oregon




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